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Artist Statement

As a fine furniture maker, the style of my work is unique; it’s not so contemporary that you don’t want to be in the same room with it. Everything I create is one of a kind. Each piece is specific, built from my own designs. I don’t make repeats. Never having been good at leaving things undone, I finish one (piece) before I start the next one. 

For me, creativity is fluid. I think once you get the form down then the fun part is making it functional. I tend to sketch things without any regard for how they’re going to look, mostly because I like the shape and then the shape evolves into something functional. I’m sure it’s against all the rules.

In regards to the use of bamboo: I find combining bamboo with solid wood especially interesting since the contrast of color, texture and shape is subtle, yet eye catching.

Go to my Gallery to view some of my work.






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